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Arika Larson

about arika larson

Arika Larson has been a retirement planning specialist for 18 years.  She    has helped hundreds of families protect, grow, and diversify their retirement nest eggs.

A decade ago, Arika’s message of protecting one’s retirement savings against catastrophic stock market declines wasn’t one that many people wanted to hear.  But with recent wild swings in the Dow Jones Industrial Average — and the realization that years of gains can be knocked out through a single international economic crisis– she’s helped hundreds of clients insulate their hard-built savings.

Arika is passionate about helping retirees and pre-retirees make the best possible choices for their future financial well-being.  For families that have reached a comfortable point of preservation, Arika specializes in finding products that can diversify retirement savings.  These tax-advantaged vehicles provide a “floor” of protection against market declines that more families are seeking, while allowing you to also participate in some of the upside of the markets.

As one client put it “I love the strategies Arika uses, because they allow me to ‘set it, and forget it’, knowing my money will always be there when I log in to check my balance”. 

Arika specializes in an approach that allows her clients to earn money when the market advances . . . while eliminating the risk of loss in a market decline.  For hundreds of clients who want to sleep at night knowing their money will be there in the morning, her diversified options are a godsend.

Arika walks clients through these goals:

Making your money safe.
Earning a reasonable rate of return.
Keeping it simple.

Media Attention

Arika has been a guest of Jean Chatzky’s and the Friends of Oprah Radio Show.  She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The San Jose Mercury News, and several other industry-related magazines.  

Ultimate Joy

Arika’s ultimate joy is found while spending time with her two daughters.  Her car is almost always packed for a spontaneous weekend adventure of hiking, biking, camping, or exploring beaches and the great outdoors.


Arika volunteered with and raised money for Girls for A Change, Network for Battered Women, Inner City Outings.  She has also been a live auctioneer for Outward Bound, Mountain View Arts and Music Gala, and several other live auction events having helped them raised well over a half a million dollars.


Arika was born and raised in Michigan with good Midwestern values.   She spent her early adulthood as an industrial engineer redesigning manufacturing facilities and spending her free time as an adventurous traveler backpacking solo through 44 countries while building huts in Africa, teaching English in South America, and living and working throughout Europe.  

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