Special LADIES ONLY Event! Bring your Girl friends And Join us for a:

FEBRUARY 121st: Belated "Galentine's Day" Luncheon

February 21st at Maggiano’s at 11:30am
Raffle tickets will be given to anyone who brings a guest and prizes will be drawn at the event.

Ladies Only Belated "Galentine's Day" Luncheon

Bring Your Girl Friends

The past 2 years have brought about so many changes – including changes to tax laws, social security, and some retirement account changes, too. So often women are overlooked in the financial world.
As a woman I realize how frustrating this can be. 


When things change, many people want to protect what’s important to them, including the money they worked hard to save so I am putting together a special event:

Join us for a (belated)
Ladies Only “Galentine’s Day” Luncheon.

Maggiano’s in Lincoln Square
10455 NE 8th St. • Bellevue, Washington

Dine with me and enjoy some time with the girls, while learning about current market conditions, important retirement strategies and other valuable information.

Plus I have an exclusive announcement about a 35% BONUS that is available for a short time. I am giving you ladies, the first glimpse!

Please bring a guest that is over 40 and hasn’t heard me speak before. I want to meet your friends!

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